Slight Miscalculation: REBOOT

April 10th, 2019, 5:19 am

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Reply ForeverRetro, April 10th, 2019, 5:19 am

Slight Miscalculation: Reboot Slight Miscalculation: Reboot - Click the link below to go to the first page!

Not sure if there is anybody left that still frequents this website that was a fan of the original Slight Miscalculation. I was actually considering deleting this version, but figured that out of the people who still have this old sprite comic in their SmackJeeves favorites, someone would probably like to be notified that new comics from this series are being made.

First and foremost, I owe an apology to the voice actors that supplied voice lines for free for the Slight Miscalculation animated finale that I never completed. Other sprite comics were doing it, so I figured it'd be cool to do one as well. For the reboot, I'm choosing to stick to the four-panel strip format and not deviate from that format, so that animated "finale" of sorts has been lost to time. Again, sincerest apologies to those who helped me with that. For the record, the new comic does not exist in the same universe as the original Slight Miscalculation or its spin-off, Unexpected Development, and will go on as its own entity.

Never thought I'd go back to making sprite comics, but one day, I was just practicing pixel art on my off-time and ideas started popping into my head, and then more ideas, and then I could visualize a whole story from beginning to end that was internally consistent and it seemed like a shame not to tell that story. So, basically, I'm back for the time-being. This more of a hobby than a legitimate attempt to accrue a huge fanbase or readership - but, if it is something that would interest you after all these years, please, check it out.

Thank you for being fans of my comic.

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Reply leo_dragon_knight, April 14th, 2019, 3:27 am

Good to hear from you again, I'll check it out.

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